Lemon and white balsamic vinegar


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LA BELLE EXCUSE is offering you a blend of lemon vinegar and white balsamic vinegar, which will indulge your taste buds. This unique and flavourful combination is an excellent substitute to lemon.

CHARACTERISTICS:  Its flavour brings a touch of candied lemon, which will inspire you a great deal.

INGREDIENTS: Lemon vinegar (France): lemon pulp (Calamansi), brandy vinegar, brown cane sugar. White balsamic vinegar (Italy): wine vinegar and grape must, barrel-aged for three years (6,5% acidity).

USE: Try this wonderful vinegar with our olive oil over thinly sliced gravlax or smoked salmon. Perfect to add originality to your salads, tartars, to deglaze any fish or seafood. Delightful in a chicken or lamb tagine, to flavour lobster butter or all Thai food, a quinoa salad or pistachios tabbouleh, fried onions and dried cranberries.

NOTE: Shake well before use and refrigerate after opening. Gluten Free. Contains Sulphites.

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