Mediterranean sea salt


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LA BELLE EXCUSE is offering you our sea salt created by the natural evaporation of the sea water by the wind and sun of the mediterranean climate.

CHARACTERISTICS: 100% natural without anticaking agent. The size of the sea salt crystals may vary and contain some traces of minerals.

USE: In ancient Greece, the sea salt was used to preserve fish, meats, vegetables, olives and cheeses as well. Perfect for a gravlax, duck legs or rabbit confit, to boil pasta, vegetables and seafood. This condiment will enhance any recipe, either sautéed, grilled or simmered.

NOTE: Use it whole or crushed in a mortar. May be used in a salt mill although it must be previously dried.

FACT: For all birds’ lovers, the Greek saltworks initiate an ecosystem, which provides food to a hundred species, such as pink flamingos that come to feed there.

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