Pantry pleasers


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The true essentials for a well-stocked pantry…to whip up simple tasty meals!

A delicious baguette of bread dipped in a blend of olive oil and white balsamic comes to mind, a lively vinaigrette that brings out the best in salads, or how about a deluxe burger topped with shallot confit, grilled vegetables and a hint of balsamic glaze!

The perfect way to express your love, say thank you, and brighten someone’s day.
Even better when that someone is you!


* Gluten Free products


NOTE: To better protect the contents of your package, each item has been carefully wrapped.



Extra virgin green olive oil 500 ml (first cold pressing)
White balsamic vinegar 250 ml
Balsamic Glaze
French shallot confit in raspberry balsamic
Roasted garlic & white balsamic Mustard
Mediterranean fleur de sel
Refreshing hand soap